Campa Ultimate

Campa has a long history of crafting radiators which boast the beauty and thermal comfort of glass. The mass effect of treated glass creates harmonious heat diffusion which we have mastered in our laboratories. We ally glass with two heating elements - a surface radiant element and radiant profile element - for maximum comfort for all your senses ...We call it soft heating.


High-end and efficient material

Glass: complete knowledge of a unique material

The reputation of Campa has come from the quality and reliability of its radiators, but also from its care for design. If efficiency is a permanent target, the choice of material contributes to consider these heating solutions as aesthetic references.

Selected scientifically, the glass used on the facade presents remarkable design qualities and exceptional thermal capacity. Associated with efficient heating elements, embedded intelligence, latest generation sensors and simple controls, they are the expression of an uncompromising choice in perfect and unconditional comfort.

Campaver ultime

Glass panel, soft heat radiators

Unique with its radiant front surface offering an immediate and uniform sense of comfort, further coupled with an internal heating element, offering two sources of different and independent heating, thus delivering unsurpassed comfort and efficient heating

Our glass panel radiators reveal a requirement that goes beyond the simple need for comfort. This material, so specific and complex to master, brings an intense and immediate visual pleasure.

The tempered glass resists shock, without affecting its elegance