Best Electric Heater Australia

Regarded as engineering some of the best electric heaters in Australia, Noirot are trusted around the world. Founded over 75 years ago, we have been at the forefront of heater innovation and technology.

Naturally circulates the air for efficient heating

Learn About the Heating Process

Our best electric heater for home uses natural convection to heat up a room. This is where cold air is drawn into the heating system, is heated up, and is then pushed out through the top of the heater, and the cycle repeats itself.

This process is 100% silent and it produces clean, allergy friendly and efficient heating all within a compact system – it’s no wonder Noirot has some of the best electric heaters on the Australian market today.

With the best electric heater in your home, you can enjoy winter knowing that your heater is energy efficient, asthma and allergy friendly (Sensitive Choice Approved), with a lifetime warranty.

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Feel the difference with a Noirot heater in your home this winter. To find out more about our range or to see them in person, visit one of our authorised Noirot stockists listed here.