best portable electric Heater

We consider the best portable heater as one that is versatile and is built to last. Noirot’s portable electric heater is essential in every home because it is economical as well as safe and silent.

portable electric heater

Functionality & Versatility of Our Heaters

Our best portable heater, such as the Noirot Spot Plus heater, allows the cold air particles to be drawn into the heater (Monobloc element), gets heated up and is then pushed out through the top of the heater. This process is completely silent, allowing you and your family to enjoy winter without the noisy rattles.

All our heaters are made to be portable or wall mountable – which means that whether you are renting or living in your own home, Noirot will always go with you.

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We pride ourselves on producing the best portable electric heater on the market.

Founded over 75 years ago, Noirot has always been in the forefront of heating innovation and technology.

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