electric radiant heater

Noirot have always been the forefront of heating technology and quality. We continue to develop the latest technologies to bring you the best in electric radiators, portable heaters and wall mounted heaters.

Functionality of Noirot's Campaver Ultime heater

How Noirot Heaters Function

Each Campa wall mounted electric radiator features:

  • A 3-element design – internal radiant elements, surface radiant heating element and the front radiating glass panel

  • Fast heating transmitters for energy efficiency and long-lasting warmth

  • Smart Electronics – controls the electric radiator heater to maintain optimum and desired temperature

For living rooms, browse the Ultimate range of Campa heaters.

Or, for bathrooms, browse the Bathroom range of Campa heaters.

Every electric radiant heater is designed to be simple and subtle yet elegant and stylish. The thin vertical or horizontal styles are made to suit any room you want to have it installed in. We even have a mirror option available for bathrooms for added benefits.

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