Energy Efficient Heaters for Large Rooms

It’s no coincidence that larger rooms have a larger surface area to heat up and it can be costly to run inefficient heaters, especially during long cold nights in winter.

Noirot Spot Plus heater with timer for energy efficiency

Precision Heating for Energy Efficiency

Noirot’s Spot Plus and Evolution ranges offer the best energy efficient heater for a large room. Every Noirot heater is fitted with a Precision Thermostat to read the temperature every 30 minutes and maintaining the desired temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius. 

By reading the temperature frequently, it prevents the room temperature from dropping too low. For our energy efficient heaters for large rooms, it would use up less energy to bring room temperature up by <1 degree, than if it was bringing the temperature up by 3 degrees. 

Operating Costs for Noirot Heaters

Our Spot Plus range is known to be the most efficient heater for a large room on the market today. With 4 varying sizes to suit your house, the cost to operate one of our heaters start from just 15 cents/hour for a 10m2 room, to 30-36 cents/hour for 20-24m2 rooms such as larger living areas, large bedrooms and dining rooms.

Visit a Stockist to see Our Range

Our range of energy efficient electric heaters for large rooms will warm your home without the annoying creaks and rattles, while still saving you money. 

Visit one of our authorised dealers to view our range of heaters to see which is the most suitable for you and your family. 

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