Most economical electric Heater

Australia’s most economical heater, designed by Noirot, combines European style and state of the art technology. Developing Australia’s best-selling heater on the market today, we have also come up with the perfect design and a set of useful features that you will love.

economical electric heater

Features of Our Economical Heaters

Our economical heaters from the Spot Plus or the Evolution range offer:

  • 100% silence – the Monobloc element eliminates any creaks and rattles

  • Childproof – inbuilt settings to prevent accidental temperature change

  • Asthma and allergy friendly – Sensitive Choice approved

  • Lifetime Warranty

Noirot’s most economical electric heater saves you money because our inbuilt thermostat will read the temperature every 30 seconds to prevent temperatures dropping too low; therefore it does not use up as much energy to reheat the room.

Operating Cost & Efficiency

Noirot’s economical electric heaters only cost about 15 cents per hour to heat up a 10m2 room (such as single bedrooms, bathrooms and ensuites), and 30 cents per hour for a 20m2 room (such as larger bedrooms, living and dining areas).

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