Most Energy Efficient Electric Heater

A Noirot energy efficient heater will be the best purchase you make for this winter. By developing Australia’s number 1 best-selling electric heater, we sit at the forefront of heater innovation and technology.


Benefits of Our Electric Heaters

We are committed to developing and incorporating the latest technology into our heaters. With experience in the industry for over 75 years, Noirot’s energy efficient heater has benefits including:

  • 100% silent; no more creaks and rattles

  • Reduces heating costs as it is the most energy efficient heater on the market today

  • Easy to install, with the option of being portable

  • Lockable and childproof

  • Asthma and allergy friendly

  • Lifetime warranty

Our most efficient electric heater utilises natural convection to heat up a room. Converting cold air in the room into heat, it is then pushed out again at through the top of the heater. This cycle is efficient and has an approximate running cost of $0.15 to $0.36 per hour.          

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Noirot’s range of heaters are the most energy efficient electric heater on the market. You can purchase any Noirot energy efficient heater through our one of our authorised dealers.