Panel Heater Efficiency

Being able to find an energy efficient panel heater can be a challenge, especially with so many brands on the market today. However, Noirot’s Spot Plus heater utilises a European design to silently circulate hot air into the room; making it the most energy efficient panel heater available.

Noirot's efficient panel heater in a living room

Benefits of Noirot’s Efficient Heaters

For many Australians, the weather just seems to get colder and the price of bills seem to be getting higher during winter. Panel heater efficiency becomes such an important factor to consider when purchasing a heater in this climate. 

The Spot Plus heater is not only an energy efficient panel heater, but it also comes with lots of other benefits too:

  • Precision thermostat – maintaining the desired temperature within 0.1 degree Celsius by reading the temperature every 30 seconds

  • 100% silent – no more creaks and rattles in the background

  • Asthma and allergy friendly 

  • Lifetime warranty

Depending on the size and model of panel heater from this range, it will cost you from 15 cents per hour for 10m2 room and 30 cents per hour for a 20m2 room. Our heaters from this range can all be purchased with or without timer integration. 

Visit a Noirot Stockist

We have been warming the homes of thousands of families for over 75 years, and electric panel heaters efficiency is a priority to us. You can see our panel heaters in store by visiting an authorised Noirot stockist or for more information about our range, you can email us at