Noirot FAQ

Where can I buy new or spare castors?

Noirot castors are available from all Good Guys, Harvey Norman, and Betta Electrical stores. Our Castors item code is 7333-8. Alternatively you can purchase directly from Noirot CLICK HERE

My castors fall off when moving my heater?

Make sure when installing your castors that all lugs are holding the heater and that the black clip has been inserted correctly. If inserted correctly you will here a clicking sound. For our in depth instructions CLICK HERE

Why should I choose Noirot over the others?

Noirot have manufactured and refined their Panel Heating Range in France over the past 40 Years. Their research and development is renowned throughout Europe, sourcing the best quality parts to offer the most efficient and economical products on the market today. In particular the exclusive one piece Monobloc Element, which has a World Wide Patented Design and a lifetime guarantee to remain super quiet. The extremely accurate Electronic Thermostat which is accurate to 0.1 degrees reads the room temperature every 30 seconds. In fact we are so confident in our product we offer a full lifetime replacement warranty which makes Noirot the No.1 choice Electric Panel Heater in Australia.

Noirot has a Lifetime Warranty?

Such is the confidence in our Noirot products we offer a full and genuine Lifetime Warranty for domestic, household and personal use. If you have any issues with your Noirot heater just return back to your place of purchase for testing and assessment where if deemed to be faulty can be easily replaced. NB: Please ensure you purchase from Noirot authorised accounts only contact us if you have any questions on authorised accounts.

How efficient and economical are Noirot heaters?

By reading the temperature every 30 seconds the Electronic Thermostat will create an on / off cycle which maintains the comfort level that you have chosen. Both mechanical thermostats and imitations can allow the temperature to drop up to 4 degrees or more before switching the heating element back on. With your Noirot heater greater efficiency is achieved by not allowing your heater to waste energy to raise the temperature to regain your chosen comfort level. Therefore your Noirot panel heater is maintaining a more consistent and accurate comfort level.

My heater and plug gets very warm is this normal?

Your heater is a highly powered heating device and the plug on your appliance may get warm during use, this is perfectly normal. We would recommend your wall sockets are in good condition and the plug is inserted correctly to avoid accidental overheating. Please check the plug and the socket regularly if the heater is being used for prolonged periods. If you have any doubt please consult an electrician or contact us directly on

Can I use a power board, extension lead or adapter?

To avoid the risk of overheating we recommend NOT using a power board, extension lead or adapter and to always plug directly into a fixed socket outlet.

My heater doesn’t switch on.

For all older models utilizing the round timer please firstly ensure your heater is switched to MANUAL ON via the mode button on the timer (for timer models using the round timer only). Alternatively for all pre 2011 models which have a battery backup, after sustained inactivity the battery can lose its initial charge, this can be best likened to that of a car battery. All that is required is to leave the heater on and plugged in overnight so it can recharge the battery. Please note that all Noirot heaters now sold no longer have the battery backup feature. If you are experiencing any further issues with your Noirot panel heater contact or alternatively return to your place of purchase for testing and assessment.

My heater smells?

The first time you use your Noirot heater operate it for 15-30 minutes with the thermostat set to maximum to eliminate the new smell. There may be some slight odour due to small amounts of dust and the protective substances applied to the element at manufacture.

Can I dry my clothes or towels?

Under no circumstances can you obstruct the hot air grille at the top of the heater. You must also ensure the air intake grille and the bottom of the appliance remains clear and free from dust.

How do I choose my comfort level?”

The advantage of the Electronic Thermostat is that it does the work for you. All you do is switch the heater on and set the thermostat to your desired comfort level via the control panel. Alternatively if using the older round timer turn the Thermostat dial until the light comes on. After a short time (This will depend on the size of the room and the temperature of the room but usually between 15 and 20 mins) you will feel the temperature in the room increase. If it is too warm reduce the temperature via the arrows on the control panel or if using the round timer or numbered panel, turn the dial down. If it is too cold turn the dial up. Once you achieve your comfort level then the Electronic Thermostat will cycle on and off automatically. Please note that with the older panels when you turn the dial down you will notice that the light goes off and it will stay off until the temperature in the room drops below the setting on the dial. If you are experiencing any further issues with your Noirot panel heater contact or alternatively return to your place of purchase for testing and assessment.

How does a heater without a Fan successfully heat a room?

Fan heaters rely on the force of the fan to distribute hot air into the room, this is noisy, inefficient and uncomfortable plus it forces the lighter hot air up to the ceiling. The Noirot heating system uses Natural Convection to ease the hot air into the room. Natural convection means the heavier cold air is attracted to the electric element, it is then heated inside the heater by the heating element then becomes lighter hot air which is pushed out the top of the heater (heat rises) naturally, therefore creating a clean, silent, allergy friendly and efficient heating cycle into the room.

Why is “Natural Convection” more allergy friendly than “Fan Driven”?

Because the majority of Fans are located at the bottom of the heater, the force of the fan stirs and disrupts the air which spreads dust particles at floor level. These floating particles although often invisible cause irritation and discomfort to sufferers of Asthma and other Allergies.

How do I work out which size heater is suitable for my requirement?

As a general rule we recommend the 100 watts per square metre. This is provided that: A. Height of the ceiling is up to 2.7m. (9ft.). B. Walls and ceilings are insulated. C. There are floor and window coverings. . Draughts should be kept to a minimum. An example is a room which is 5 metres in length and 4 metres in width would equal 20 square metres. So working on the premise the room is 20 square metres multiply the room size by 100 watts (20 x 100watts = 2000 watts. (A 2000 watt or 2kw heater should suffice for your room).

Are Noirot Heaters very expensive to install?

Noirot Heaters are designed for quick and easy D.I.Y installation. There are two options for easily installing and using your Noirot panel heater 1/ With the Wall Bracket and plugged in with the Flexible Lead and Plug supplied 2/ Standing on the optional plastic “Easy Glide Castors” allowing convenient mobility between rooms. If you intend on direct wiring or “hard wiring” your panel heater the work must be carried out by a licensed and registered electrical contractor who is required to issue a “Certificate of Electrical Safety”.

How much will it cost to run?

There are two major factors that impact your running costs. Firstly, the tariff charged by the electrical authority who supply electricity to the premises. Secondly and importantly is that the heater is sized correctly for the room it is to heat. (Please note that it is not possible to heat an entire house with just one heater). Example 1 (1000w heater): Tariff charged = $0.30c. Per Kw/h * Multiply the tariff by every 1000 watts or 1kw (1kw x $0.30 = 30 cents per hour to run) When cycling the heater will give a 50% saving. (1kw x $0.30c = 30 cents per hour to run). Divide this by 2 to apply the 50% saving for cycling. (30 cents less 50% = 0.15cents per hour to run). Example 2 (2400w heater): Tariff charged = $0.30c. Per Kw/h * Multiply the tariff by every 1000w (2.4kw x $0.30c = 72 cents per hour to run) When cycling the heater will give a 50% saving (2.4kw x $0.30 = 72 cents per hour to run). Divide this by 2 to apply the 50% saving for cycling. (72 cents less 50% = 36 cents per hour to run) * Please note that tariff used in this example is approximate only; please refer to your current Electricity bill or contact your Electricity Supplier for accurate tariff charges.

My Thermostat only comes on after I set it on 5 or 6 on the dial, is it faulty?

No, when the heater is switched on the Thermostat actually reads the temperature in the room; therefore it will not come on until you choose a setting on the dial above the actual temperature in the room. To maintain the best comfort level when you first enter the room turn the heater to setting 9, when you obtain your comfort level scale back the dial slowly until the indicator light first switches off. The heater will now cycle, maintaining an optimum comfort level and efficiency.

Is it safe to use a Noirot Electric heater in the Bathroom?

Yes, Noirot heaters are Double Insulated, tested and approved as per: Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS 3000:200 Wiring Rules) which allows Noirot heaters to be installed within Zone 2 in a Bathroom, provided the controls cannot be reached by a person in the bath or shower.

Is the Noirot Electric Panel Heater safe near children?

Noirot heaters are not intended for use by young children or infirm persons unless they have been adequately supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the heater safely. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the heater because the surface temperature of the heater, whilst it complies with safety standards the Noirot panel heater does get hot.

What happens if the heater is accidentally covered and no air can get in or out?

We recommend the following clearance be maintained at all times: From the floor we recommend a minimum of 100mm. From the top and sides we recommend a minimum of 100mm. From the front we recommend a minimum of 500mm. This is necessary so as not to activate the “Over Temperature Thermal Cut-Out” which is designed to turn the heater off if air vents are covered and air flow is interrupted. If this was to happen then the heater would need to be switched off, unplugged from the power point, the obstruction removed, plugged in again and switched back on. The Thermal Cut-Out will reset after a few minutes and the heater will function normally.

How do I program my timer to operate my digital Noirot heater throughout the night (Original Noirot heaters only)?

To operate your Noirot heater right through the night using the timer requires you to use 2 heating periods. For example, if you wish for the heater to turn on at 8.00pm and turn off at 6.00am, you will need to program the heater from 8.00pm until 11.59pm on period 1 and then from 00.00am to 6.00am on period 2. Note that when the timer mode is active the timer will display “OFF” between the times of 6.00am and 8.00am.