Understanding the right heater for you.

Electric column oil heater vs Convection heaters

There is often a degree of confusion when it comes to buying the right heater for your home, due to the large array of choices, manufacturers and styles; in addition to the conflicting information around such topics.

Firstly, we need to explore the terminology used to describe a portable heater. ‘Electric’ is the most common term you will hear. Electric heaters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and operate very differently, depending on their functionality; meaning the widespread term ‘electric’ does not give you enough information to make an informed decision on which heater is suitable for you.

Oil heaters have metal columns that contain cavities that are filled with oil. This oil flows freely around the heater and an element at the base of the heater heats up the oil. The heat is then transferred into the metal columns. This process can make the heater extremely hot and can be very dangerous if contact is to occur, especially in the case of children and animals.

This form of heating can also lead to increased running costs, due to the nature of the way column heaters operates.

Convection heaters utilise the expansion and upward movement of hot air enabling it to gently circulate around the room; making the heater safe to touch and more economical as there are no moving parts.

Noirot have manufactured and refined their Panel Heating Range in France over the past 40 Years. Their research and development is renowned throughout Europe, sourcing the best quality parts to offer the most efficient and economical products on the market today. In particular the exclusive one piece Monobloc Element, which has a World Wide Patented Design and a lifetime guarantee to remain super quiet. The extremely accurate Electronic Thermostat which is accurate to 0.1 degrees reads the room temperature every 30 seconds. In fact we are so confident in our product we offer a full lifetime replacement warranty which makes Noirot the No.1 choice Electric Panel Heater in Australia.


Such is the confidence in our Noirot products we offer a full and genuine Lifetime Warranty for domestic, household and personal use. If you have any issues with your Noirot heater just return back to your place of purchase for testing and assessment where if deemed to be faulty can be easily replaced. NB: Please ensure you purchase from Noirot authorised accounts only contact us sales@noirot.com.au if you have any questions on authorised accounts.


By reading the temperature every 30 seconds the Electronic Thermostat will create an on / off cycle which maintains the comfort level that you have chosen. Both mechanical thermostats and imitations can allow the temperature to drop up to 4 degrees or more before switching the heating element back on. With your Noirot heater greater efficiency is achieved by not allowing your heater to waste energy to raise the temperature to regain your chosen comfort level. Therefore your Noirot panel heater is maintaining a more consistent and accurate comfort level.

Benefits of Noirot Panel Heaters

Discover the benefits of the best panel heater on the market today. Our range of heaters have been warming the homes of families for more than 75 years, and each heater is asthma and allergy friendly.

Though there are many panel heaters for sale on the market today, you will notice a difference when you purchase a Spot Plus Heater or an Evolution Heater. The benefits of these models include:

100% silent due to a patented Monobloc element, eliminating creaks and rattles

Energy efficient

Childproof settings prevent accidental temperature change

Asthma and allergy friendly, being Sensitive Choice approved by the National

Asthma Foundation Australia

Lifetime warranty

At Noirot, we strive to engineer the best panel heater. Our products are economical, reliable and comfortable for everyone in the family.

To find out more about our range or to see them in person, our authorised Noirot stockists are listed here